Changes to the SPCEA Leadership Team

As an organization dedicated to advancing the field of product cost engineering and analytics, it is crucial to have strong leaders who steer us toward our mission.

We would like to start by thanking founder and president, Chris Domanski, for his invaluable contributions and extend our gratitude for his vision in creating SPCEA. With a heavy heart, Chris has decided to step away from the presidency for personal reasons. While Chris will no longer hold the position of president, he will remain a member of the board of directors where his expertise and guidance will continue to be invaluable to us as we navigate the future of SPCEA.

Newly appointed president Jeff Miller, also an SPCEA founder, is equally committed to advancing the field of product cost engineering and analytics. Jeff has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the organization and its members as both secretary and treasurer, and he has played a crucial role in shaping our vision. Now as both president and treasurer of SPCEA, we have every confidence that Jeff’s leadership abilities and passion for moving the mission of SPCEA forward will make him an exceptional leader for our organization.

We are also pleased to welcome Jill Snyder to the SPCEA leadership team as the organization’s new secretary. Jill brings with her a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry. Her journey started with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Evansville, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana University Kelly School of Business. Jill has held various engineering and management roles at renowned companies like Whirlpool Corporation, Electrolux, and GE Appliances.

Jill’s experiences in technology, sourcing, and supplier quality make her an excellent fit for the position of Secretary at SPCEA. Her passion for costing and her ability to support both engineering and sourcing will be instrumental in driving our organization’s growth.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Jill Snyder for joining the SPCEA leadership team. Her knowledge, expertise, and dedication will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our mission and the success of our members.

As SPCEA enters a new chapter, we extend our sincerest appreciation to Chris Domanski for his past efforts and his unwavering commitment to creating this organization. We are excited to have Jeff Miller as our new president, and we have the utmost confidence in his ability to lead us to new heights. Lastly, we wholeheartedly welcome Jill Snyder to the team and look forward to the impact she will make. These leadership changes mark the beginning of an exciting era for SPCEA, and we remain committed to providing exceptional resources and support to our members.

Thanks for your support,

The SPCEA Management Team