SPCEA (Society of Product Cost Engineering & Analytics) offers multiple opportunities for specific training and certification in cost engineering.

Are you looking for impactful instructors in cost engineering who are experts in their respective fields? Congratulations, you are in the right place! Welcome to the Society of Product Cost Engineering and Analytics. To begin with, our instructors share their extensive knowledge and insight directly with you. Alternatively, you will learn about cost management, cost estimation, indirect costs, balance sheets, risk analysis, costs involved, material costs, and more.

Consequently, as your skill-set grows, so does your confidence and industry knowledge. This will open the door to career advancement for you, and allow you to have a bigger impact at your company, which allows them to make a higher profit. Talk about a win-win! Not to mention, as our organization continues to expand the courses we offer, this gives you the opportunity to develop and stretch your own skill-set. Explore everything we have to offer.

cost engineering
cost engineering

Cost Engineering Expertise
Designed With You In Mind

Specifically focusing on the needs of cost engineering professionals within the manufacturing industry, The Society of Product Cost Engineering and Analytics is bringing our high-level intelligence to the forefront.

Our passion for the industry is changing the manufacturing cost estimating landscape by offering training and certification. In addition, we have conferences, networking opportunities, and a job board.

SPCEA knows that heightened recognition and understanding of cost engineering within manufacturing will lead to improved accuracy of cost estimates and analysis, better cost control across the organization, and highly cost optimized products. Moreover, this awareness then leads to higher and higher levels of industry profitability and increased employment.

cost engineering Certifications


CPCE® Training Focuses On The Three Main Branches Of Costing: Cost Controlling, Cost Estimating, and Cost Optimization.

corporate cost engineering


The CPCE® Exam Is Now Available. Check The Certifications Page To See If You Meet The Pre-Requisites To Sign-Up.

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Dedicated to You and Product Cost Engineering

As a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, SPCEA only exists to serve you and to take the profession of Product Cost Engineering to a higher level. Our goal is to create an exciting atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. The income received is directly reinvested into the organization to support more content and services. When we grow, you grow, as does the company you work for. We encourage you to join us in support of this great cause. Further, we rely heavily on our volunteers. They are vital to our mission and maximize value to our members. You don’t need to be an engineer to get involved. Join us and see what the future holds for you!


As a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, SPCEA’s income is reinvested into the organization to create more content and services. We encourage your contributions in support of this great cause. 

We rely heavily on volunteers to maximize value to our members. You do not need to be an engineer to get involved. We hope you will join us !!