SPCEA is pleased to welcome Makersite as a Silver corporate member!

Makersite is an award-winning software company that develops next-generation product data management tools. Its Product Lifecycle Intelligence platform integrates cost, carbon, compliance, and supply chain risk data into a single platform, enabling product engineering, procurement and expert teams to gain insights across multiple dimensions simultaneously, reducing analysis and decision-making time from months to minutes.

The Society of Product Cost Engineering and Analytics (SPCEA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and knowledge of cost engineering and analytics in the manufacturing of products, thereby enabling improved industry profitability and increased employment that result in the betterment of society.  Established in March 2020, SPCEA’s vision is to be the prominent global hub of cost engineering and analytics knowledge sharing by establishing foundational standards, providing education and certification, and driving thought leadership within manufacturing industries.