The Society of Product Cost Engineering & Analytics (SPCEA) is pleased to announce its formal collaboration with SAVE International.  A Cooperative Agreement was signed between the two organizations – effective April 01, 2021 – thereby recognizing the many areas of common interest between the societies, and providing multiple benefits to both organizations’ members.

“We are excited to be associated with a world renown organization such as SAVE International”, said Chris Domanski, President of SPCEA.  “The goals of both organizations complement each other nicely – we look forward to building a successful future together”.


About SAVE International

SAVE International is the premier international society devoted to advancing and promoting the Value Methodology (VM). Also known as Value Engineering, Value Analysis or Value Management, the VM process can optimize projects, processes and product development in significant ways. Through this process, companies and government agencies regularly decrease costs, increase profits, improve quality and performance, and enhance customer satisfaction. SAVE International provides its members education and training, publications, certification, promotional tools, networking and recognition.  Its certification program is the industry standard for recognizing competence in the practice of the Value Methodology (VM).  Learn more about SAVE International at



The Society of Product Cost Engineering and Analytics (SPCEA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and knowledge of cost engineering and analytics in the manufacturing of products, thereby enabling improved industry profitability and increased employment that result in the betterment of society.  Established in March 2020, SPCEA has quickly become the prominent global hub of product cost engineering and analytics knowledge sharing by establishing foundational standards, providing education and certification, and driving thought leadership within manufacturing industries.  Learn more about SPCEA at