Certified Product Cost Expert (CPCE) exam now available

SPCEA is pleased to announce the release of the exam for the Certified Product Cost Expert (CPCE) exam.  This certification exam serves as the capstone for SPCEA’s certification program and can be taken virtually upon completion of the required training.

In a world where cost engineering and analysis skills are in increasing demand, the CPCE professional certification ensures that you’re ready to meet the needs of employers and professional groups throughout the world.  Unlike certificate programs offered at colleges and universities, the CPCE training was developed by expert practitioners for practitioners based on cost engineering standards and research into the real-world needs of manufacturing organizations.   The CPCE training is coupled with successful completion of a test, mentoring, and continuing education requirements to demonstrate mastery and expertise within the cost engineering profession.

Enhance your resume and further your career by pursuing your CPCE certification and taking the CPCE exam!


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