5 CFO trends to watch in 2022


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Against a backdrop of rising costs, finance leaders will be navigating the need for talent and the right tax strategy.


The pandemic is far from over, but for CFOs 2022 is shaping up to be the year of inflation.

Even though the coronavirus remains a concern — especially given the high transmissibility of the omicron variant — executives have had 18 months to get their remote and on-site work processes right. That will help them deal with any potential setbacks as the pandemic moves into its second year.

At the same time, executives confront the novel challenge of managing high inflation after decades of low price increases. 

It’s impossible to know whether prices will push into the nightmare territory executives faced in the 1980s, when mortgage interest rates soared to 18%. But few issues that CFOs can expect to deal with in 2022, from pricing goods and services to setting wages and salaries to managing taxes, will be addressed without the specter of inflation hanging over them. 

Against this backdrop, here’s a look at the top five CFO trends expected in 2022.