2022 Conference: November 9-10, 2022

The goal of our 2022 Annual Virtual Conference is to educate. Our theme – Developing Cost Engineering Capabilities of the Future – is relevant because the future is already here and the manufacturing environment is changing rapidly. As such, the cost engineering field must adapt just as rapidly. The most successful manufacturers understand they need deep cost insights for their production processes, raw material prices, and even CO2 requirements.

Future Cost Engineers need the ability to quickly adjust estimates, offer accurate and timely information to cost stakeholders. In addition, you should be able to negotiate the best prices with suppliers, and find cost reduction opportunities across the value chain. This year’s conference schedule is packed with experts that will help you on your journey to becoming a Cost Engineer of the future.

Why you should attend the SPCEA 2022 Virtual Conference:

  1. Learn new things:  We’ve assembled industry and thought leaders to present topics and trends facing today’s Cost Engineering teams.
  2. Find new methods:  Meet vendors and consultants to help enable your Cost Engineering capabilities.
  3. Get inspired: Arm yourself with the knowledge you gain to start planning ways to improve your costing programs immediately.
2022 Virtual Conference

SPCEA Contributor Of The Year

The SPCEA Contributor Of The Year Award recognizes an individual (or a team) who have shown continuing dedication to the cost engineering profession and who have made significant and sustained volunteer contributions to SPCEA.