The SPCEA Experience: We are a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization focused on the needs of cost engineering professionals within the manufacturing industry.

Our Mission: To serve as the prominent global hub of knowledge for cost engineering and analytics within the manufacturing industry. We are dedicated to promoting awareness and knowledge of cost engineering within manufacturing.

How do we achieve this? We

    • Establish foundational standards.
    • Provide education and certification.
    • Drive thought leadership within manufacturing industries.
The SPCEA Experience

SPCEA’s income is reinvested in the organization to create more content and services. We welcome and encourage contributions. Further, we rely heavily on volunteers to help maximize value to our members. Whether you are an engineer or not, come join us!

Learning new skills

What do you get from SPCEA?

Cost engineering training and certification

Membership options for all levels of interest

Networking opportunities with other professionals in the field

Priority access to conferences and events run by SPCEA


With SPCEA’s specialized training and certification courses, you have access to instruction by a leading team of experts. What’s more, they are passionate about the topics they teach.

Advance your career by earning our CPCE certification focused on 3 main branches of costing: cost controlling, cost estimating, and cost optimization.

SPCEA’s other in-depth training courses touch on important topics, and offer more in-depth training in complimentary special topics such as stamping cost estimation, cost optimization methodology, molding cost estimation, and more.

Register for our CPCE certification or any training as either a member or non-member. We don’t limit our certification and training to members only. Similarly, we offer the CPCE for Cost Engineers and Non-Cost Engineers- both catered to you and your needs.

The skills you receive through SPCEA’s certification process set you up for success. Not only will your personal efficiency increase, but your value to current and prospective employers will as well.

Growing together
You and others interested in cost engineering, get involved and take action. Companies who hire those certified will have full confidence in those individuals’ abilities in the industry.


Become a member of SPCEA, and contribute to the industry. Likewise, gain and share knowledge that will last a lifetime.

The relationships you make with other SPCEA members will make the experience even more beneficial. Members receive 10% off all SPCEA purchases — including training, certifications, and conferences!

Acquire access to a multitude of resources that complete the SPCEA experience. Membership resources include access to special articles and white papers. Each of the articles is an authoritative guide that informs you concisely about complex issues. Not to mention, with these commentaries, you will be able to better understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Are you a jobseeker looking for a cost engineering job within the manufacturing industry? You are in the right place! We have job openings posted on our Linked page. Follow us to get the latest job openings globally.


Have a job you would like us to post? If so, please contact us. We would be glad to help you fill it!

There are three membership options are available:

    • Individual
    • Student
    • Corporate

All memberships give you the opportunity to engage, learn, and grow with other members.