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Connecting great open-book suppliers with strategic growing customers.

Senoia Engineering Solutions

Senoia Engineering Solutions is a consulting company based out of the Atlanta metropolitan area that specializes in cost engineering and value analysis of electronic and electromechanical assemblies.   We help clients find ways to reduce their costs by drawing from over 35 years of engineering, manufacturing, quality and purchasing experience with automotive, appliance, and off-highway OEMs.

D.T. Hicks & Co.

Profitability is the ultimate measure of business success. In the short term, profitability can result from a few critical, intuitive decisions made by an individual decision maker. In the long term, however, profitability results from an ongoing series of fact-based business decisions made by a variety of decision makers, each with different objectives and a different perspective.

Stefan Consulting

Cost Engineering and Value Management. This is what we at STEFAN Consulting do for a living. We find, optimize and implement the key potentials for your operational success.

Advanced Value Group

AVG is a value consulting firm dedicated to providing value improvement services such as Value Engineering, Value AnalysisCompetitive Tear-Down workshops, and other related services.

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