Upcoming Conference

2023 Virtual Conference – October 18-19

We have another great lineup of speakers for this year’s conference themed “Cost and CO2 estimating accuracy”.

This lineup might still change and the topic details are still being refined, but you’re sure to get some great knowledge sharing during the conference. We also plan to have virtual networking sessions where you’ll be able to connect with others in the industry.

Here’s a list of this year’s speakers:

  • Doug Hicks – author of many ABC cost modeling books, who will discuss cost modeling accuracy
  • Sander den Hartog from CostPerform, who will discuss the importance of cost and profitability analytics using a business case example
  • Gavin Hodgson from Vodafone, who will discuss software cost estimating example
  • Alan March from Vendigital, who will discuss CO2 vs. cost business case
  • Ralf Alpater from Facton, who will discuss CO2 vs. cost business case
  • Andrea Paviolo from MeC, who will discuss CO2 vs. cost business case
  • David Bocher from Octoplus Consulting, who will discuss CO2 vs. cost business case
  • Tomasz Rola from McKinsey, who will discuss CO2 calculation for electronics
Congratulations, Javier Masini

Previous Conferences

2022 Virtual Conference – Nov. 9-10

The goal of our 2022 Annual Virtual Conference was to educate. Our theme – Developing Cost Engineering Capabilities of the Future – is relevant because the future is already here and the manufacturing environment is changing rapidly. As such, the cost engineering field must adapt just as rapidly. The most successful manufacturers understand they need deep cost insights for their production processes, raw material prices, and even CO2 requirements.

The winner of the 2022 Individual Contributor of The Year award was Mr. Javier Masini, CVS, CPCE. Javier is the Director of Manufacturing VM Services at Value Management Strategies, Inc. He is a member of SPCEA and SAVE International. Javier was recognized for playing a key role in facilitating the formal relationship between SAVE and SPCEA as well as being a key contributor in the development of CPCE video training course. Javier is one of SPCEA’s first accredited CPCEs.

The winner of the 2022 Corporate Contributor of The Year award was the HCLTech Product Cost Management Center of Expertise. HCLTech is a world-renowned technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. The Product Cost Management CoE is recognized for its many documented examples of collaboration with other organizations (including SPCEA) in the promotion of the cost engineering profession, and they have many outstanding accomplishments within the field of Product Cost Engineering. They exemplify how cost analysis provides decision support and influencing management’s vision, goals, and objectives.

2021 Virtual Conference – Nov. 17-18

The inaugural SPCEA conference was a great success. Those who attended the conference can view presentation videos by clicking the button below. You must use the password given to you by SPCEA to view content.

Conference Testimonials

“My personal favorite session was key factors in effective cost modeling for manufacturers – I thought the presentation brought up some points about replacement cost and depreciation that were good to think about.”

– Anonymous

“All presentations were amazing and as a young Cost Engineer it was great to have a close look to what other people are doing and also the opportunity to meet new Cost Engineering folks.”

– Anonymous

“Presentation content was excellent, and I enjoyed the ability to network virtually”

– Anonymous

“So much great insight from industry leaders. Learned so much!”

– Anonymous